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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

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Rick - "Best thing I've ever done."

marvin grove"I knew that I needed hearing aids for a few years and did nothing about it.  One day I seen Maryanne's ad in the newspaper and decided to call and schedule an appointment.  I am extremely pleased with what she did for me and now I am able to hear again after all these years.  I would recommend her to anyone I know.  I am also happy with the staff.  Thank you Renewed Hearing Solutions for helping me!!  Now I can finally hear."

Marvin Grove

Patient Testimonial for ReNewed Hearing SolutionsYou can get a hearing aid anywhere today, this is my 5th set, what matters most is the follow up and if they care enough that you are hearing the best you can. Maryanne and her team are wonderful, I recommend them to everyone

Jacques Lussier

Patient Testimonial for ReNewed Hearing SolutionsShe wanted better service and to hear better than with what she had.  Her hearing was worse than what she remembered.  Her husband doesn’t have to yell any more.  She could tell our purpose was to help her.  Heather worked with her to get her to the level she needed

Lutrelle Smith

Patient Testimonial for ReNewed Hearing SolutionsWhat were the reasons you decided to visit us at RHS:  I got past my granddaughter’s mumbling. What did you learn about your hearing loss during your visit:  I can hear properly again. Once you were fitted with you NuEar hearing aids, what did you experience:  A 45 year time warp. How has this experience changed your life:  Sounds are enjoyable again.

Walter Lefert

Patient Testimonial for ReNewed Hearing SolutionsI didn’t know what I was missing until I got my NuEar hearing aids.  Heather and the office personnel are extremely informative, helpful and pleasant.  I highly recommend them to everyone.

Linda Smitley

Patient Testimonial for ReNewed Hearing SolutionsReNewed Hearing Solutions valued me as a person, not a client. Don’t put off getting your hearing checked. Once you lose it, it’s gone. You can get hearing aids that aren’t visible so don’t worry about appearance or ego.

Travis White

Patient Testimonial for ReNewed Hearing SolutionsA whole new world opened up to me!  Heard sounds I haven’t heard in years.  

Sandra O'Neal

Patient Testimonial for ReNewed Hearing SolutionsI’m so happy with the service! I recommend Maryanne to all of my friends. 

Russ Hoffer

Patient Testimonial for ReNewed Hearing SolutionsThere has never been another hearing specialist that has provided the personal care and service I need.

Sandy Deimler

Don, I am Exceptionally Better Off...Life is good. Thank you for making such a difference in my life.

Michael Lewisberry - PA

Maryanne is always available for consultations and suggestions. Recently I have dealt with two other hearing instrument specialists and Maryanne's dedication and expertise far exceeds others. An upgrade with my hearing aids and LACE classes have been beneficial and improved my hearing.

Althea G.- Mechanicsburg, PA

Thank you for helping me with my hearing. You were great and I enjoyed your help. I am doing so much better.


Dear Don, when I lost my hearing in both ears, I went in for a test and you found the problem. I'm doing so much better with people and in church.

James H. - Middletown, PA

Dear Maryanne, thank you for helping me hear my wife again. You took great care of me.

W. Martin - E-town

Don goes the extra mile to make sure your hearing aids are working well. He cares and it shows. Excellent service!

Glen R.